This site presents my work in philosophy. It contains published articles, preprints , as well as books. The texts relate to analytic philosophy, semiotics, the study of concepts, cognition and psycho-pathological philosophy.

My works are mainly in analytic philosophy and consist of proposed solutions to some philosophical paradoxes : the Doomsday argument, Hempel’s paradox, Goodman ‘s paradox, the surprise examination paradox, the Sleeping Beauty problem, but also the Black-Leslie paradox of the spheres, etc.. A conceptual tool, the n-universes, which are useful for the study of philosophical problems is also presented.

There are also texts on semiotics and the study of concepts. These texts are based on a specific conceptual tool : the matrices of concepts. Recent applications to the dialectical plan, to  paradigm analysis of a corpus of proverbs , to the analysis of the love-hate indifference triplet of concepts are also presented.

Finally, several texts relate to cognition and cognitive distortions. Additions to the theory of cognitive distortions are exposed, and their applications in the field of psycho-pathological philosophy.

The work involves some fields that are apparently very different. However, all texts are underpinned by a particular philosophical doctrine , which can be defined as “dialectical contextualism”. And this doctrine has applications in analytical philosophy, semiotics and psycho-pathological philosophy. Its role as a methodological tool aimed at solving philosophical paradoxes is notably explained in more detail in my “Elements of dialectical contextualism“.


November 2014: The English translation of a paper published in french (under the title “Traitement cognitif différentiel des délires polythématiques et du trouble anxieux généralisé”) in the Journal de Thérapie Comportementale et Cognitive, 2011, vol. 21-4, pp. 121-125, is available online under the title “Differential Cognitive Treatment of Polythematic Delusions and Generalised Anxiety Disorder“.



intro-phi-a-bookOctober 2014: my book An Introduction to Analytic Philosophy is freely online.




June 2014: New addition : The Simulation Argument and the Reference Class Problem: the dialectical contextualist‘s standpoint on the Simulation Argument. This preprint supersedes my previous work on this topic.

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